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Best Beginner Drum Set – Reviews & Comparison

Most of the parents, when they discover their kid’s musical talent, dream about their kids playing the violin or classical guitar. But in some cases, the dreams don’t come true. The kids sometimes tend to be interested in drums and nothing else.

Well, no matter how painful for your ears it might be in the beginning, you shouldn’t disappoint your kids and you should enable them to follow their dreams. 

Our top picks for the best beginner drum sets:

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Yamaha Gigmaker 5 Piece Standard Shell Pack, Blue Ice Glitter
Yamaha Gigmaker 5 Piece Standard Shell Pack, Blue Ice Glitter CLICK FOR PRICE
  • Legendary Yamaha build quality at an affordable price – for the aspiring drummer on a budget
  • Includes: 22″ bass drum, 12″/13″ toms with mount, 16″ floor tom, 14″ snare (stands/cymbals not included)
  • Basswood and poplar shells
Our #1 Rated
4.7 out of 5
In the Percussion instruments Category
Ludwig 5 Piece Accent Drive Drum Set with Hardware & Cymbals, Red Foil
Ludwig 5 Piece Accent Drive Drum Set with Hardware & Cymbals, Red Foil CLICK FOR PRICE
  • 22″ Bass Drum
  • 10, 12, 16″ Toms
  • 14″ Snare Drum
Our #2 Rated
4.5 out of 5
In the Guitars Category
MAPEX MA528SFBAW Mars Series Crossover 5-Piece Drum Shell Pack, Bonewood
MAPEX MA528SFBAW Mars Series Crossover 5-Piece Drum Shell Pack, Bonewood CLICK FOR PRICE
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • 14″X6.5″ Snare Drum
  • 12″x08″ Mounted Tom
Our #3 Rated
5.0 out of 5
In the Percussion instruments Category
New Drum Set Black 5-Piece Complete Full Size with Cymbals Stands Stool Sticks
New Drum Set Black 5-Piece Complete Full Size with Cymbals Stands Stool Sticks CLICK FOR PRICE
  • Gammon Percussion
  • Electronics
Our #4 Rated
4.1 out of 5
In the Percussion instruments Category
Pearl RS525SCC31 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Jet Black
Pearl RS525SCC31 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Jet Black CLICK FOR PRICE
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • Ready to rock right out of the box!
  • 9 ply, 7mm Poplar Shells & 1.2mm Triple Flanged hoops. Comes with Heads and Double Braced Hardware.
Our #5 Rated
4.3 out of 5
In the Percussion instruments Category

Drum set parts

While most drum sets may look the same to the untrained eye, there are huge contrasts among them as far as their general quality and additionally the quantity of individual drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments they incorporate.

The normal 11-year-old may likely have a “greater is-better” disposition and incline toward the enormous packs. In any case, what is every one of those pieces, and which ones do you truly require?

Snare, kick, and hi-hat are three essential segments of any drum set. They give the foundation of most drum rhythms and are regularly the first to get redesigned as a performer advances.

          Bass Drum – The bass drum, likewise called a kick drum, is the greatest drum in the set. The one stands on its side in the focal point of the drum set and is played with a foot pedal. It creates the most profound notes, ordinarily the fundamental downbeats.

          Snare Drum – The snare is the fundamental drum in a set. It is mounted on a stand and situated between the drummer’s knees and produces a noisy, sharp sound.

          Hi-Hat – The hi-hat is an arrangement of two cymbals situated by the snare drum. It’s played by conflicting the cymbals together with a foot pedal and by hitting them with drumsticks.

Each drum unit will incorporate a kick, snare, and hi-hat.

Toms, some of the time alluded to as tom-toms, are alternate drums that make up the unit. They ordinarily create an empty sound at different pitches relying upon the span of the drum.

Most drum sets have at least one suspended tom mounted on the highest point of the bass drum and at times called hanging toms. They once in a while incorporate a bigger, more profound sounding floor tom that’s mounted on its own stand set on the floor.

          High Tom – This is the littlest tom and is mounted over the bass drum, closest the snare.

          Mid Tom – The mid tom, if there is one, is likewise mounted over the bass drum, close to the high tom.

          Floor Tom – The biggest tom, it’s normally mounted on a stand situated by the drummer’s leg.

The toms are normally situated to make a circular segment, from the highest pitch close to the snare and hi-hat to the most reduced pitch outwardly of the pack. A few toms ought to be impeccably sufficient for a tenderfoot drummer.

How to choose a drum set

In the event that encircling yourself with drums sounds like fun, at that point consider a five-piece, six-piece, or bigger set, which include extra toms for a more extensive tonal range. These bigger packs are appropriate for a rock, fusion, contemporary, and metal styles.

Many drum sets come in two unique setups, Standard or Fusion. The drum measurements recognize every setup. Combination drum sets ordinarily include 10″ and 12″ mounted toms, a 14″ floor tom (suspended or standing) and generally a 22″ bass drum.

Standard-sized packs highlight 12″ and 13″ mounted toms, a 16″ floor tom, and 22″ bass drum. The advantage of the littler distances across of the Fusion set is their punchy tone and well-spoken sound.

The advantage of the Standard size set is that the bigger toms create more volume and greater tone. Picking the best set is a subjective procedure with advantages to every arrangement.

The twofold bass drum set was spearheaded by the colossal jazz players and promoted by rock drummers. The twofold bass set enables you to play quick patterns with control and has a striking visual appearance.

A complete drum set will typically contain all the equipment you require. In the event that you as of now have the equipment, purchasing a shell pack can spare you cash. A shell pack comprises of the drums themselves with no extra equipment aside from the rims and tom mounts.

On the off chance that you as of now have a drum set, however, need to grow it, an extra pack can be a decent approach since their cost is regularly not as much as purchasing the extra drums independently.

In case you’re buying for a starting drummer, a fledgling drum set can bode well. These affordable drum units, for the most part, incorporate every one of the drums, cymbals, stands, and other equipment expected to begin playing appropriate out of the crate.

When looking for children, a lesser drum set makes a moderate buy. These exceptionally scaled drum packs are measured for kids and incorporate the whole outfit to dispatch a growing drummer’s profession.

Dissimilar to the toy-store assortment, these lesser drum units are manufactured emphatically and offer the sound and feel of full-sized drums.

While there are drum sets that work for an assortment of styles, as a rule, it’s a smart thought to pick a drum set that fits the style of music you play.

Is Slipknot’s Joey Jordison you’re drumming icon, or is Steve Gadd more your style? A general guideline is that packs with less and little drums are a solid match for jazz, customary blues, and other fundamentally acoustic types of music, while drum sets with bigger drums are better for rock, metal, and other more enhanced styles.

Reviews of the best beginner drum sets

Yamaha Gigmaker

As the name calls attention to, this is a shell pack just, so you don’t get cymbals or equipment included. What you do get, be that as it may, is the quality related to all Yamaha items and it is a genuine advance up from numerous other entry-level sets.

Comprising of a 20″ bass drum, two mounted toms (one 10″, one 12″), a 14″ floor tom and a 14″ wood snare, each of the shells is made of basswood and poplar and utilize triple-rib steel bands and expert quality hauls to guarantee solidness.

The finish is remarkable, particularly with its cost considered, as is sound quality giving blasting low notes and warm mid-tones.

Toss in the important equipment and a few cymbals and you will have a high quality set at an exceptionally sensible cost that will rouse a beginner and enthuse an intermediate drummer alike.

  • Excellent quality to price ratio
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Solid construction
  • Affordable
  • Doesn't include cymbals

Ludwig 5 Piece Accent Drive 

Ludwig is a major name in drums coming into mainstream notoriety through Ringo Starr of The Beatles, back in the 1960s.

This is an entry into their range, so you won’t get proficient hardware like Ringo utilized, yet it speaks to a brilliant beginning stage for an amateur and perhaps extraordinary compared to other complete entry-level drum packs.

This is a full unit, so no compelling reason to chase around for anything else. It incorporates a 22″ kick drum with pedal, two toms (10″ and 12″) a 14″ snare alongside the cymbals (13″ hi-hats and 16″ crash and rides).

The drum shells themselves are made of 9-ply 8mm wood polishes, for example, basswood and popular. Polishes are utilized to minimize expenses, yet at the same time, offer a decent sound that has a tendency to complement the low and mid-range frequencies.

Whilst this is Ludwig’s moderate arrangement, it gives an incredible sound and assortment of setups that punches well over its weight and offers phenomenal quality that perhaps merits a considerably higher sticker price.

  • Great starter pack
  • Has everything you need
  • Great choice of materials
  • Exquisite value for the price
  • Cymbals are not really that great

Mapex Mars Series 5-Piece Crossover

Highlighting the entire standard estimated gear, that’s a 22″ bass drum, two stand-mounted toms (10″ and 12″) a floor tom at 14″ and a 14″ snare. This shell pack is accessible in four unique finishes that will trick everybody that doesn’t know generally into thinking it’s genuine wood when it is, actually, a wrap.

Not all drummers like wraps around the outside of the drum shell, yet they do go some route in helping stop vibration. Being a shell pack, similar to the Yamaha Gigmaker, equipment and cymbals are excluded yet don’t give that put you a chance to off.

Quality is astounding and the sound from the 100% birch 6-ply drums is warm and astonishingly solid, particularly at a set in this cost run.

With the essential equipment and cymbals included, it pushes the cost to the higher scopes of what is sensible for most to spend on a first set, however it will be something you can play for a decent time without the need of overhauling anything whatsoever!

  • Amazing shell pack for the price
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Lots of features
  • Affordable
  • No cymbals

Gammon Percussion Battle Series Drum Set

Valued at the lower end of the scale, this entry-level drum set from Gammon gives every one of the nuts and bolts required to begin with drumming. As far as quality, it’s really sensible with its cost considered, yet you shouldn’t expect noteworthy sound and high-quality materials.

What you do get, however, is the ideal entry point for a more youthful player and any individual who you think won’t last any longer than 5 minutes. For every other person, it’s still adequate to encourage a genuine enthusiasm for drumming which can be based upon later with overhauls or a radical new set.

Inside the crate is everything you have to get started. It’s the ideal alternative for a starting drum set and it’s all full-estimate hardware as well – there’s a 14″ snare drum, 22″ bass drum with pedal, a 16″ floor standing tom and also 12″ and 13″ mounted toms.

Cymbals are incorporated, as well. There’re 12″ hi-hats with stand and 14″ crash/ride cymbals with stands. You likewise get a throne, drumsticks and a drummer’s key alongside a DVD offering an hour-long lesson and an assembly guide, which is a pleasant included touch, particularly for the total amateur!

  • More than affordable
  • Decent sound
  • Fairly good quality
  • Nice additional features
  • Cymbals are bad

Pearl Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set

This might be one of Pearl’s entry-level packs, however, don’t let that trick you. It offers superb quality and an incredible place for an apprentice drummer to begin.

That’s nothing unexpected truly either, as Pearl is thought to be the world pioneer in drums and percussion with an organization ethos to give the highest level of value, capacity, sturdiness, and sound.

This is a full unit, comprising of everything expected to go ahead. That’s a 22″ kick drum, two toms (one 10″, one 12″), a 16″ floor tom, a 14″ wood snare, two cymbals (14″ hi-hat, 16″ crash/rides).

It additionally incorporates all the fundamental equipment including strong twofold propped stands, pedals, throne and sticks. Everything is incorporated into the pack to kick you off.

The drum shells are accessible in four unique hues; charcoal, red, bronze and pure black and are made of 9 mm poplar that gives a delightful sound. It’s a decent general unit that conveys the name of a highly legitimate brand in the drumming scene.

  • Decent sound quality
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Contains everything you need to start playing
  • Affordable
  • Cymbals and throne could be better


Choice of the first drum kit strongly depends on your personal preferences and your budget. When it comes to full sets, in most cases, the cymbals are not really good. On the other hand, if you go with the shell pack, when you add the cymbals the price might be too high.

In our opinion, the winner is the Yamaha set. It offers a good quality and even when you add the price of the hardware and cymbals, the price is still in a reasonable range and you get the great drum set that can meet all the needs of the beginner drummer.