Best Drum Throne

Best Drum Throne – Reviews and Top Picks

Drumming is a very intense job and it requires a full control over an entire body. Even when you have the best possible drum kit, you still need something to sit on. Similarly like office workers, drummers will sit for hours during the rehearsals or gigs with almost no back support.

It is essential that you find the best possible drum throne because you can never sound good if you are uncomfortable while you play because you need to be as flexible and mobile as it’s possible.

Our top picks for the best drum thrones:

Product Our Rating Price
ROC-N-SOC Original Saddle Drum Throne ★★★★★ Check Price
Pork Pie Round Drum Throne ★★★★★ Check Price
Ahead Spinal-G throne ★★★★☆ Check Price
Gibraltar 9608 Drum Throne ★★★★☆ Check Price
Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style ★★★★☆ Check Price

Most important characteristics of drum thrones

To ordinary people who are not so familiar with the drumming, a drum throne looks like an ordinary stool. However, this is not really the case and the drum thrones are quite specialized stools for the needs of a drummer.

The best drum thrones have a few characteristics that make them a must-have item for drummers.


 A good drum throne must be comfortable enough for you to sit on it for hours of gigs or rehearsals. Good drum thrones are usually made of thick and durable foam on the seating area because the comfort is a top priority.


 A good drum throne is made to be stable and not to move during your performance. They are also made with non-slip rubberized feet so they don’t slide around.


Drum throne must have an easy swivel action because the drummer needs to be able to rotate his body in order to play his entire drum kit.

Height adjustment

 Drum throne can be adjusted so that the height can match your specific needs.

Round or Bicycle seat?

A round seat is pretty obviously a roundly shaped drum throne. It’s the most basic and most common throne you’ll see. The reason why this is one of the most popular choices is that there is no right or wrong orientation with this throne.

With a round seat you can shift and move during your performance and you will always have the same feel when you sit on it.

On the other hand, some drummers prefer bicycle seat because it’s a more ergonomic option. If the round throne cuts into your thighs too much, you might want to consider bicycle seat.

There is no real answer to the question which is better of these two. It’s all a matter of personal preference. In our opinion, the best solution is to try out both options so you can decide which one you prefer.

What to look for in a drum throne

As a matter of first importance, you will need to concentrate on comfort before whatever else. While there are thrones that have a couple of more highlights (for instance, Gibraltar’s Workstation show includes a latch which enables you to keep your sticks, a towel, or potentially a container holder inside simple reach) however while these are a pleasant expansion they aren’t a need.

There are two principal sorts of drum throne situates, the first is styled after a bike situate and the second is designed according to a bar stool.

Your involvement with both of these will shift in the view of individual inclination, so it’s vital that you attempt to attempt the two styles previously you make the last buy if at all conceivable.

You’re likewise going to need to ensure that your throne’s stand has a moderately wide width. This expands general stability. While most drum thrones wouldn’t topple over while you’re playing the hazard exists with stands that aren’t sufficiently wide.

So make certain to abstain from going out on a limb, since we can’t consider much else humiliating than a mid-gig tumble off the stage or into your kit.

Ultimately, make certain to check the general gathering of your drum throne at various online retailers. This will give you an insight of the sturdiness of the item and in addition educating you in advance to any issues or basic imperfections that may exist with the model.

While a decent drum throne will enable you to be more comfortable while you play it doesn’t mean you need to spend that much. It resembles purchasing an American Custom Shop Fender for your first guitar.

While the expanded level of comfort and playability will enable you to progress speedier it doesn’t imply that on the off chance that you begin on a less expensive instrument you’ll never be a decent artist.

Truly, top of the line embellishments are just a need in case you’re a high-level performer. In case you’re an amateur (not to sound condescending, everybody begins someplace) you’re not by any stretch of the imagination going to profit as much from costly frill as a more advanced artist would.


Drum thrones are quite basic bits of gear, however, in the event that you anticipate gigging you will need one that is worked with quality equipment. Low-quality metal can strip or curve, bringing about a seat that is flimsy and questionable.

The nature of the bracing is likewise vital. Bracing decreases the power applied to a region, yet an excessive amount of propping makes a stool cumbersome. This is the reason a ton of the more pleasant stools utilizes twofold bracing. Twofold bracing uses two thin props to make a trade-off amongst quality and mobility.

Reviews of the best drum thrones

ROC-N-SOC Original Saddle Drum Throne Black

The Roc-N-Soc Manual Spindle Original Saddle Drum Throne offers an incredible mix of quality and affordability.

The throne is emphatically assembled, and the wide seat style situate is extraordinary for a wide range of constructs and body shapes.

The hardware is likewise of a quality that you would anticipate from a throne in this value extend, so you won’t need to stress over it coming up short on you mid-gig.

Be that as it may, the Manual Spindle Original seems to have a shorter max stature than a large number of the thrones on this rundown.

In case you’re of a normal stature, something like 5’10, or shorter you shouldn’t have any issues. Yet, in the event that you’re on the tall side, you will need to run with an alternate throne.

  • Ergonomic design (bicycle)
  • Amazing comfortability
  • Excellent stability
  • Easy to adjust
  • Not suitable for taller drummers

Pork Pie Round Drum Throne Gold Sparkle with Leopard Top

The Pork Pie Round Drum Throne, while at first look quite standard, has an entirely special component that a considerable measure of other drum thrones need.

As opposed to simply utilizing froth, the Round Drum Throne utilizes a mix of therapeutic gel (like what you’d find in a shoe insole) and flexible foam.

This blend is somewhat dubious, with performers either cherishing or despising it in view of how they position themselves on their stool. In any case, this mix of materials provides a seat that is both firm and steady.

To the extent hardware is concerned, the Pork Pie Round Drum Throne includes a level of value you’d anticipate from a throne in this value extend.

The legs are altogether twofold supported, and the joints and metal are of a sufficiently high grade that they’ll hold up to consistent play and practice. The main thing ailing in this throne is a memory lock.

  • Nice combination of therapeutic gel and foam
  • Really comfortable
  • Very solid
  • Easily adjustable
  • Very sturdy support
  • Proper quality of hardware materials
  • Lack of memory lock

Ahead Spinal-G Saddle Throne

The Ahead Spinal G is developed from the beginning to help your back and pelvis. This wouldn’t affect your playing in the short term, yet as you play the ergonomic seat will diminish muscle exhaustion and perhaps even damage.

Something that surprises a lot of artists is that you can really harm your body playing an instrument. It’s not by any stretch of the imagination a work concentrated movement (when contrasted with different exercises that reason long haul harm, similar to difficult work occupations), yet in the event that you don’t utilize the legitimate method and have awful stance you can really cause redundant strain damage in your back or arms.

Despite everything you will need to warm up and extend, however with this throne, you increment your chances of keeping damage that could either shield you from playing or keep you away from performing at your best.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Great support for your spine and pelvis
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Stable
  • High-quality materials
  • Excellent overall quality
  • A bit pricey

Gibraltar 9608 Drum Throne

The Gibraltar 9608 highlights twofold braced legs, rubber feet, and an alteration scope of 20″ to 28″.

At the point when contrasted with top-of-the-line drum thrones the 9608 is a bit moderate, however in the event that you needn’t bother with a backrest or a spot to stow additional sticks that may really be something worth considering.

The throne is exceptionally versatile, yet still sufficiently strong for larger framed artists.

The 9608 likewise accompanies a “memory lock”, which enables you to set your favored tallness. At that point, when you dismantle the throne for transport you can snap it back to the level it was beforehand.

The strung construction (which implies you need to turn the stand to alter the stature) guarantees that once set the throne won’t descend to a lower tallness.

  • Super solid and stable
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Memory lock
  • Doesn't slip
  • Very versatile
  • Affordable
  • Seat loses its firmness somewhat quickly

Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Drum Throne with Backrest

Another individual from the 9608 arrangement, the Gibraltar 9608MB Motorcycle Drum Seat Throne consolidates the phenomenal highlights found in the arrangement with the additional help of a backrest.

In the event that you require the additional support, the 9608MB is really an entirely decent deal. The throne is really less expensive than purchasing an alternate model from the arrangement and a backrest independently.

Past that, there isn’t motivation to purchase this throne over another model from the arrangement. There aren’t any highlights that separate it from different models in the arrangement past the backrest.

Regardless it accompanies the immense hardware the brand is referred to for and the memory lock system.

  • High-quality hardware
  • Backrest
  • Very comfortable
  • Secure and stable legs
  • Doesn't slip
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Not suitable for very large drummers

Product Our Rating Price
ROC-N-SOC Original Saddle Drum Throne ★★★★★ Check Price
Pork Pie Round Drum Throne ★★★★★ Check Price
Ahead Spinal-G throne ★★★★☆ Check Price
Gibraltar 9608 Drum Throne ★★★★☆ Check Price
Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style ★★★★☆ Check Price


As you can see, a lot of different thrones offer different features that are more suitable for one drummer and less suitable for another. You need to make a decision whether you want to go with a round seat or a bicycle seat and whether you need or don’t need a backrest.

Some general things such as hardware quality, comfort, stability, security, and, of course, price are pretty universal for every throne. The rest is up to you.

In our opinion, the winner of this roundup is the Ahead Spinal-G Saddle Throne. Yes, it is a bit pricier option, but the benefits it offers are well worth the money.

It has an ergonomic design and it provides an excellent support for your spine and pelvis, minimizing the chance of an injury. Furthermore, it’s very comfortable and stable thanks to the high-quality materials used for both hardware and the seat.