Best Ukulele Amplifier

Best Ukulele Amplifier: Top Picks & Comparisons!

Ukuleles are traditionally acoustic instrument and they don’t require any amplification to generate sound. However, electric ukuleles have gained some popularity recently and became as popular as acoustic ones.  In order to be heard, your electric ukulele needs an amplifier that will make the signal that comes from your uke’s pickup louder. This, of course, is not only …

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Best Bass Ukulele

Best Bass Ukulele – Top Picks & Comparisons!

When we talk about bass ukuleles, what we talk about are essentially smaller versions of regular bass instruments. These bass ukuleles are easy to play and they sound quite similar to standard bass instruments. Additionally, they are much cheaper. However, no matter how similar to regular basses, the bass ukuleles are also quite different. Our selection of the …

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