Best Ukulele Straps

Best Ukulele Straps: Top Picks & Comparisons!

It’s just a matter of choice whether you will play your uke with or without a strap. For centuries ukuleles have been played without a strap, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it.

Ukulele straps are quite similar to guitar straps and their purpose is to support your instrument so you can play it standing up. They are, in most cases, made of leather or cotton or both. The best ukulele strap is the one that feels comfortable and is durable and easy to use.

Our top picks for the best ukulele straps:

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Mugig Ukulele Strap, Cotton Adjustable Ukulele Strap with Leather Ends
Mugig Ukulele Strap, Cotton Adjustable Ukulele Strap with Leather Ends CLICK FOR PRICE
  • Durable leather ends securely fit around your strap buttons on your ukulele
  • 1.4″width soft and thick jacquard weave Cotton provides maximum comfort on your shoulder,no slide during playing.
  • A strong buckle is applied to easily adjust the strap length from 29.5″ to 53″ (including the leather ends),suits for long-term usage.
Our #1 Rated
4.7 out of 5
In the Instrument parts and accessories Category
Mugig Ukulele Strap, Adjustable Soft Cotton Ukulele Strap, Neck Sling for Ukulele with Sound Hole Hook
Mugig Ukulele Strap, Adjustable Soft Cotton Ukulele Strap, Neck Sling for Ukulele with Sound Hole Hook CLICK FOR PRICE
  • 1.5″ width soft canvas silk screen printed Cotton provides maximum comfort on your body.
  • Hawaiian style & Button-Free cross-chest strap is a “must have ” product for ukulele players, fit all ukulele sizes and shapes :soprano, concert ,tenor, baritone,pineapple etc.
  • 2 strong ABS buckles are applied to easily adjust the strap length from 22.4″(57cm) to 26.4″(67cm) , soft leather parts suit for long-term usage;
Our #2 Rated
4.1 out of 5
In the Guitars Category
CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Style Cotton Ukulele Strap Blue White Flower (Brown)
CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Style Cotton Ukulele Strap Blue White Flower (Brown) CLICK FOR PRICE
  • Vintage blue and white flowers bring in additional pleasure with fashion. Soft black cotton webbing at the back provides comfortable wearing.
  • CloudMusic original designed ukulele strap with durable leather heads comes with free strap button with easy drilling.
  • Well construction with 1.5 inches width, this strap is about 29.5 inches at shortest and about 51.97 inches at longest including the length of leather heads. It is adjustable according to personal usage by the smooth plastic slider.
Our #3 Rated
4.2 out of 5
In the Instrument parts and accessories Category
Moozikpro Ukulele Strap - Hawaiian Style & Button-Free - Better Than Kala Ukulele Strap
Moozikpro Ukulele Strap – Hawaiian Style & Button-Free – Better Than Kala Ukulele Strap CLICK FOR PRICE
  • BUTTON-FREE DESIGN – Easy to use clip on ukulele neck strap with no instruction manual required
  • WIDE ADJUSTMENT RANGE UKULELE STRAP – From 36″ to 44″ to fit any player
  • COMFORTABLE WEAR UKE STRAP – Easy to put on & holds in your sound hole aiding in balance and support
Our #4 Rated
4.1 out of 5
In the Instrument parts and accessories Category
MUSIC FIRST Hawaii Woven Rainbow Adjustable 100% Cotton & Genuine Leather Ukulele Strap Shoulder Strap version 2.0
MUSIC FIRST Hawaii Woven Rainbow Adjustable 100% Cotton & Genuine Leather Ukulele Strap Shoulder Strap version 2.0 CLICK FOR PRICE
  • Version 2.0 upgrade from PU to Genuine Leather
  • Durable Colorful Ukulele Straps, full cotton body
  • Fits for all size ukulele
Our #5 Rated
5.0 out of 5
In the Instrument parts and accessories Category

Do you need a strap? 

Well, there are a number of reasons why you should use a strap. First of all, today’s ukes are much larger than the original tiny ukulele that was produced in the 19th century in Hawaii.  

A lot of changes have been made in the ukulele design and not only that the strap allows you to play standing up safely, but it also frees your arms. This is especially helpful if you play a larger ukulele or you want to play some insane fret moves.  

The ukulele strap also makes your uke sound better. If you don’t use the strap you need to hug your ukulele in order to keep it in place. By doing this you are pressing the uke against your body and therefore inhibit the vibrations of the top and the bottom of the instrument. 

Hugging your ukulele can sometimes make it sound like it’s being played under a blanket. Some of the female ukulele players also reported that the strap helps them to keep their uke in a comfortable position on their chest.  

What to look for 

Depending on your personal preferences and your needs, you can go with a strap that clips onto your instrument directly or you can go with a strap that requires a strap button. 

The ones that you can clip directly onto your instrument are the easiest to use and you won’t have to make any changes on your beloved instrument. The most common straps that don’t require any changes are an adjustable “necklaces” that go under your uke and hook into the instrument’s sound hole. You might have seen Willie Nelson using this kind of strap on his guitar. 

This type of a strap can be found made of many different materials such as nylon, polyester, padded neoprene, or leather. 

There is another approach to modification-free straps that turns a simple adjustable webbing strip into a strap. These are so called “Mobius straps”. Of course, this design won’t work with reso-ukes and pineapple shapes because they are usually heavier and can throw the balance off.  

The main drawback of this kind of straps is that you need to keep one hand on your uke in order to keep it balanced safely on the strap.  

If you intend to add a strap button on your uke, you can really go with many strap options. In this case, you can add one button on the bottom of your instrument and tie the other end of a strap around the headstock or you can add one more button on the neck heel. 

You can find strap buttons in any music store. You can install the buttons on you uke by yourself. It’s really not that hard. However, it’s recommendable that you hire a professional to do this for you.  

The process requires some drilling in your instrument and you wouldn’t want your uke to get damaged and you want the button put in a right place. A professional installation can also help you avoid the voiding of your warranty.  


Generally speaking, a strap is nothing more than a piece of material that holds your instrument in place. Now, there are a lot of different materials that can be used for straps, but the most common ones are nylon, suede, and leather. 

Nylon straps are the cheapest and most used ones. If you look inside any player’s case, the chances are that you will find at least one nylon strap in there. The main reason for that is because these are very dependable. Every player knows he can always count on a good old nylon strap. 

Additionally, these are easy to store and they take up a quite little space when rolled up.  

Suede straps are a bit pricier than nylon straps but they are still quite affordable. These have a large number of cult-like followers and that’s what keeps their popularity up. The basic suede straps are made of two pieces of suede sawed together while some better high-end options have a thick padding.  

Suede straps are also quite easy to roll up and store away. 

Leather straps offer the widest range of colors, styles, and sizes. Nothing feels and looks better than leather, but of course; the price is also a bit higher. If cared about properly, leather straps can last for ages. 

There are many different styles of leather straps and they can even be customized with rivets, metal buckles, or monogramming. Some of the exotic leather straps even have a snakeskin or cowhide stitched onto the face.  

Reviews of the Best Ukulele Straps

Cotton Adjustable Ukulele Strap with Leather Ends

If you intend to use the same ukulele strap for many years then this is the one you want. This strap is ultra durable while remaining comfortable at the same time. That’s a match you don’t see every day.  

You can adjust the length of this strap from 29.5 inches to 53 inches and this should be enough for almost every body type. The ends are made of durable leather and they fit around strap buttons on your uke.  

In case you need an extra button or a string there are one button and string included in a package. The design is quite elegant and the colors won’t fade. Also, the material prevents sliding which is excellent. Overall, it’s a great pick.  

  • Super durable yet quite comfortable
  • Doesn’t slide
  • High-quality materials
  • Included button and string
  • Comes only in bright colors

Mugig Ukulele Strap

The strap feels very comfortable on your body. This particular product is very common amongst the ukulele players. It doesn’t require any buttons and the hook that hooks onto your instrument’s sound hole is quite strong and very well made.  

This strap is suitable for all ukulele shapes and sizes. It can be adjusted with 2 quite strong ABS buckles and the length goes from 22.4 inches to 26.4 inches. The edges on the ABS buckles are rounded in order to protect your uke from any scratches.  

Soft leather parts and the high-quality materials guarantee a long term use of this strap. The company guarantees you 100% satisfaction and they have no return reason asked, 100% money back policy.  

  • Very affordable and very valuable
  • High-quality materials
  • Comfortable and easy to adjust
  • No return reason asked, 100% money back policy
  • Perfect for all sizes and shapes of ukulele
  • Not suitable for smaller players

CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Style Cotton Ukulele Strap

Cloudmusic is a company known for making quite colorful and very durable ukulele straps. This Hawaiian style ukulele strap is decorated with beautiful blue and white flowers and it’s made with high-quality leather and cotton materials. 

The back of the strap is lined with soft black cotton webbing to ensure the maximum comfort while you play. The strap is 1.5 inches wide and the length can be adjusted with a smooth plastic slider. The length can go from 29.5 to 51.97 inches with leather ends included.  

The belt holds your uke in perfectly balanced position while you stand and your hands free. It’s perfect for all sizes and shapes of ukuleles as long as they have strap buttons.  

In case that your ukulele doesn’t feature strap buttons, there are buttons included in the package with all the hardware necessary for installation. Installation is quite simple, but if you are not completely sure how to do it it’s probably best to hire a professional to install the buttons for you. 

  • Easily adjustable
  • Wide strap and very comfortable
  • Free strap buttons
  • High-quality cotton and leather materials
  • Strap might be too small for some players

Moozikpro Ukulele Strap

This strap is a great product made by MoozikPro Company. The name of the brand is quite interesting and so is the strap. If you are looking for the best and the simplest strap then this is the best product for you. 

The strap features a button-free design with easy to utilize clip that hooks onto your uke’s sound hole. Needless to say, you really don’t need an instruction manual for this strap. This strap can fit any player because of its wide adjustment range.  

Two adjustment buckles allow you to adjust the length that goes from 36 inches to 44 inches. It’s a very comfortable to wear a strap that will hold your uke in perfect balance and position.  

It’s compatible with any type of the ukulele. The strap is made of thick nylon material with genuine leather ends. The company guarantees a lifetime satisfaction with this product.  

Additionally, you can buy this strap in a variety of colors and color combinations and it’s more than affordable. 

  • Excellent price
  • Very adjustable
  • Perfect for any ukulele that doesn’t have strap buttons
  • No bulking parts
  • Very comfortable
  • Clip might be too narrow for some ukes

MUSIC FIRST Hawaii Woven Rainbow Ukulele Shoulder Strap

This is one quite interesting looking ukulele strap made by the brand MUSIC FIRST. It comes in rainbow colors and it looks amazingly cheerful. The outside of the belt is made of high-quality soft and comfortable cotton while the inside part is made of strong leather to give this strap an amazing durability. 

The strap is so strong it can easily carry a bass guitar so the ukulele most definitely won’t be a problem. Just the thickness of the strap gives you the idea how strong this strap is. 

It’s suitable for all shapes and sizes of ukuleles and it requires a strap button. The strap comes with one golden color strap button included in the package. 

The belt is 1.57 inches wide and the length can be adjusted with a smooth slide buckle from 28.8 inches up to 50 inches. This means it can fit almost any ukulele player.  

  • Colorful and great looking
  • High-quality materials
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Suitable for all types of ukuleles
  • Free strap button
  • The free button is in golden color which might not match some ukuleles


The best straps for ukuleles are usually the cheapest ones, for the most players. However, most of the straps are affordable and it is not a bad idea to sacrifice a few dollars more for a high-quality product that will last for a long time. 

Our top choice for the best ukulele strap is most definitely the MUSIC FIRST Hawaii Rainbow Strap. This particular product is quite affordable yet what you get is one of the strongest and the best straps you can find. Not to mention the beautiful rainbow colors and ultra high-quality materials used in a production. 

On the other hand, if you don’t like the idea of drilling your uke for the strap button, you might want to go with the MoozikPro Button-Free ukulele strap which is our second choice. It is also a very high-quality product and it doesn’t require strap buttons.