Should I buy a Regular Drum Set or Electronic Drum Set?

There’s not at all like the feeling of going to select your first drum set.

Regardless of whether you’re upgrading from a solitary snare to drum or practice pad, or you are simply going out on a limb and beginning with an entire drum set it’s a unique time you will always remember.

So you make a trip to your most loved neighborhood music to store and are faced with an overwhelming choice: Should I run with an acoustic drum set or an electric? What is the best electronic drum set? What is the best acoustic drum set? Which one is for me?

Things to Consider

While both have amazing highlights and advantages, there are a couple of interesting points you ought to consider before buying.


While a few of us have the opportunity to play as boisterous and as frequently as we need and not bother our neighbors there are a ton of us that live in circumstances where loud clamor can be a major issue.

A great deal of us live in flats and urban regions, and both are famous for not being amicable to honing drummers.

At the point when that is the situation, electronic drums are the best approach.

They make for an awesome answer for this issue as 90 percent of the electronic kits available can’t be heard in the next room regardless of how uproarious you are playing them.

There’s in nothing like having the capacity to practice whenever day or night and not irritate your companions, family, or neighbors.

In the event that you are on a second floor, I suggest putting the set on a thick mat or tape down a blanket so the bass drum pedal/pad commotion won’t aggravate anybody downstairs.


When you get an acoustic drum set there are numerous brands, sizes and hues to look over. From a little jazz kit to a huge twofold bass kit the potential outcomes are relatively inestimable.

One thing you won’t see, however, regardless of how costly the drum set is a metronome. This gadget guarantees that your timing is exact while you are practicing.

This is fundamental as our primary occupation as drummers is to keep the time unfaltering so the band can lock in and truly groove with you.

Despite the fact that you can simply purchase this gadget independently, or even download to your telephone as an application it is very convenient to have it right under your fingertips while honing.

Likewise, most electronic kits accompany no less than ten distinctive drum sets, which enable you to explore different sounds.

Some of them even have a path for you to attach your MP3 player, or you can stick with the pre-recorded melodies incorporated into the electronic kit.

On your mid, to upper-level electronic kits you can record yourself on the drum module, or you can snare the entire drum set up via USB to your PC, however that will require extra software.

This makes recording your drums a breeze, which is one of the hardest things drummers will ever need to manage.


A standout amongst the most imperative parts of turning into a decent drummer is creating an awesome technique.

While electronic kits do have a considerable measure of extraordinary highlights, the drum heads are regularly made of mesh or rubber.

This makes a playing surface that is totally not the same as hitting a typical drum.

It will take some to become accustomed to and can prompt terrible technique as it makes an unnatural bob off of the head.

Moreover, when you play an electronic drum you’re sending a signal to the drum module which now and then can create off base notes causing crosstalk between the diverse drums and you’ll hear drums you didn’t hit calling out… .not great!

Presently this can be settled by and large within the drum module by altering your settings and parameters. However, this can be very dreary in case you’re not acquainted with it.


Most of the drummers will tell you that the vibe of playing an acoustic drum set is great. You can truly feel the drums vibrate through your body while you play. It’s an astonishing inclination to have the capacity to control the volume of such a dynamic instrument.

In spite of the fact that electronic drum sets have made some amazing progress in their capacity to reproduce an acoustic kit, there are sure subtleties that an electronic kit won’t convey like an acoustic kit, like phantom notes and cymbal swells.

These instruments can be vital relying upon the style of music you are playing. This is the reason it’s to a great degree uncommon to see a drummer playing an electronic drum kit on a jazz gig, or any major visiting gig so far as that is concerned.

They simply don’t interpret some types of music and the acoustic drum set does.


As I said before electronic drums have made some amazing progress since starting large scale manufacturing in the late 70s.

From beginning with octagon formed pads that felt like you were playing on a tabletop to now being molded like acoustic sets really having “genuine” drum heads they have extremely completed an incredible job of sampling a portion of the best acoustic drum kits, cymbals and other percussion instruments available.

However, there is a reason that a large portion of your most loved groups still utilizes acoustic drums on their tours and recordings.

They simply make a sound that can’t be coordinated by anything right now on the electronic market.


Electronic drum sets have a ton of extravagant accessories that can be enjoyable to explore, particularly in the beginning stages.

To get an electronic set that has the genuine feel of your standard acoustic set you should be ready to spend no less than a thousand dollars.

Additionally keep in mind that you’ll require some way or another to have the capacity to hear your drum set, regardless of whether that is with a speaker or with a genuine decent pair of sound isolating earphones.

While they do have sets that are less expensive, what they compensate for in value they lack in playability, sound and in being realistic.

You can get a decent beginner acoustic drum set with cymbals for fewer than six hundred dollars fresh out of the box new, and if you don’t mind going used you may even have the capacity to find a star level set at a bargain basement cost!

What’s Right For You?

As it should be obvious, both drum sets have their positives and negatives. So it comes down to which one will prompt you to practice the most.

I know players who swear by electronic drum sets and I additionally know players who wouldn’t play an electronic set on the off chance that you gave them a first class one for nothing.

I for one have both as tend to consider them two separate instruments that serve for diverse needs.

As Buddy Rich stated, “You just improve by playing.” If you can do that with an acoustic I would state let it all out!

In any case, if that prompts you scarcely rehearsing because of the volume the electronic kit is the best approach. In addition, you can simply practice on your training pad or pillows.